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July 28, 2019

Why Atenas is such a great place to stay for travellers

Not all travelers have heard of Atenas in Costa Rica but for many who are planning to retire in Costa Rica Atenas has become synonymous with the best weather in the world. It is also known for its extensive population of expats, bringing with it a vast selection of services that manyexpats would want. By the time many have settled on Atenas as their future home they have already done a great amount of research that travelers may not always have had the chance to do. 

Some travelers do however hit the jackpot when they do their research with Atenas coming out tops in so many categories for the short term traveler. 

Atenas is close to nothing but within driving distance of so many things. Choosing to stay in Atenas for a 7 day express vacation means that you can comfortably dedicate a full afternoon at La Paz Waterfall Gardens and the very next day soak up the sun with the resident sloths and cheeky monkeys on Manuel Antonio beach. 

Check out all the things you can do in and around Atenas

The expat community in Atenas is huge and not all tourists come to Costa Rica already fluent in Spanish. Some come with a few survival phrases while others don’t come with even that! This means that your stay in Costa Rica is much less likely to be frustrating. Many of the restaurants, hardware stores, banks, hair dressers, you name it, employ English speaking staff to make communicating with their clients that much easier. Expats have also created a demand for great food and a good variety when it comes to the gastro scene. Going out to eat in Atenas is always a taste adventure when you have spits like Androvetto, Antaño’s, Furlong’s place, El Fogón, balcón de café, poco loco..

Scrap the list! Check out this page of all the great places to eat at in Atenas. 

Atenas is world renowned for having the best climate in the world. While this was never officially decided it’s easy to see why it stuck. Atenas has rain just like any part of Costa Rica. But not that much. Atenas is humid much like the beaches, but not that humid. Atenas is also hotter than the Central Valley but not as hot as it gets at the coast. 

Atenas is a cultural mixing pot. Really, it is! With all the expats from all over the world including Germany, United States and Canada to make a few, oh and also South Africa, Atenas is also home to a very authentic lifestyle of locals. Atenas is home to small settlements nestled in the cooler mountain tops where coffee is still grown and roasted traditionally by families that know what it is to work hard, elderly men directly walking around town with their machetes swinging relentlessly at their side. 

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