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July 18, 2019

Travel on a budget as a volunteer

Costa Rica may be tiny but it has so many interesting things to see and do that it can honestly take months to get a good feel for the country. While you can certainly jam pack back to back activities into a week, your vacation can leave you exhausted and make you feel much more like a stressed tourist than the laid back lifestyle you came here to experience.

A week of back to back activities while exhausting, is can actually turn out to be way more budget friendly. 7 days of car rental and 7 days of accommodation. But for those who don’t mind the idea of filling your days with volunteer work you can kill 2 birds with one stone; get to experience authentic Costa Rican culture and also form part of a community support network.

In Costa Rica there are many opportunities to volunteer in exchange for free board; a private room usually in a shared home. I’m going to share with you my favourite opportunities. This information hasn’t been sourced off random sites, quite to the contrary in fact. I personally know and deal with those who run these rescue centres and recommend all of them.

Casa Nirvana

Casa Nirvana Rescue Cnetre Costa Rica Volunteer Travel

Located in barrio Jesus, atenas, founded and run by none other than the one and only Andrea Minicola, Casa Nirvana is a private home with an average of about 20 dogs and cats in various stages of recovery or ready to be adopted. Andrea often takes the very worst cases, busting that they receive the very best care in hospital and sharing her home with them while the recover and looks for loving forever homes for them.

Andrea is nothing short of a saint in the world of abandoned animals. She has set up Casa Nirvana as a space dedicated to these animals and needs regular help not just for the animals but for the maintenance of the rest of the property as well. We are talking pool maintenance, cutting grass, fixing holes in fences, etc. On the animals side of things there is a lot of cleaning to be done as Andrea likes to keep things as spotless and hygienic was possible especially for the animals that are still healing. So if you’re not a bleach loving maniac, don’t be disheartened. One of the things that Casa Nirvana is best known for is the dedication to loving and genuinely caring for all of the animals on the property. As a volunteer at Casa Nirvana you will be tasked with spending time with the dogs and cats, getting to know them and even helping to describe their personalities to help them get adopted. Another of your responsibilities at Casa Nirvana will be to work as an ambassador for the animals, sharing pictures of them on social media in groups, on and from the Casa Nirvana Facebook page. This is where your personal relationship with the animals come into play!


Take a closer look at Casa Nirvana


You can also request to join Andreas Facebook group where she gets a lot of requests for animals in need, Costa Rica Dog Lovers Uncensored


Get in touch with Andrea directly on +506 8343-7783


Or drop her an email on

As a volunteer at Casa Nirvana you would get:

As a volunteer at Casa Nirvana you would be expected to..:

Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centre

Unlike Casa Nirvana, Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centre deals with wild animals only. Their objective is to minimise human imprinting and get the animals back into their natural habitat. The rescue centre offers a great opportunity for you to learn about the wild animals of Costa Rica and what they need to to recover and assimilate back into their natural environment.

The centre has their own on site clinic and are also affiliated with the the veterinary school in Heredia at La Una university.

To find out more about the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centre visit these pages:


Connect with Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centre on Facebook


Call 6048 1115 or get in touch with Bernal Lizano directly on + 506 8892-6771

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